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Hyper Universe is a MOBA developed by CWAVESOFT and published by Nexon America. The publishing company is a veteran player in the MMO field. Nexon's MMORPG list contains many popular titles such as Mabinogi and MapleStory. Hyper Universe gameplay is a mix of systems borrowed from different genres. Players will discover a game in which side scrolling mechanics blend in with multiplayer tactical MOBA features. Players objective is to take down the enemy team by defeating its members. Hyper Universe roster features characters called Hypers.

Each Hyper comes with its unique set of five normal abilities and one ultimate skill. Hyper Universe is not a RPG so there is no character customization. However, players are able to experience different roles by switching their Hyper. Players get to control a mage who has the power to conjure enormous snowmen or embody an admiral who possess the might of a terrifying sea monster. Some of these heroes are inspired by popular culture personalities. There are also hilarious Hypers like the mongoose who rides a rhino into battle. No matter how goofy their appearance might be, Hypers are very capable fighters. As players discover Hyper Universe they will also learn how characters interact with each other. Some characters work really well when fighting on the same side. Hyper Universe has six classes of heroes and each class has multiple characters. Tank characters wear heavy armor. Support Hypers help their team members. The other four classes are damage dealers but they all have a distinct combat style. Those who want to play as a damage dealer can choose between Striker, Bruiser, Technician and Stalker. Hypers are controlled with the keyboard, there is no need to use a mouse. Heroes will move and cast abilities as players press the right keys. The game has action combat. There's a lot going on during a fight. Projectiles flying everywhere, crazy moves and spectacular jumps make each match a dynamic experience.

The point of a Hyper Universe match is to kill enemies and to destroy the enemy base. The game is played from a side scrolling 2D perspective. Each map has multiple levels that can be reached by climbing ladders or teleporting through energy portals. These levels contain mobs that are usually killed for loot. The team that kills the boss enjoys a nice advantage. Hyper Universe is a MMO so players from all around the world are able to interact. The game is free to play with microtransactions. Hyper Universe has cartoon inspired graphics and a sci fi theme.

By Rachel Rosen

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