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Holodrive Gameplay First Look - HD

Holodrive Gameplay First Look - HD

Holodrive is a free to play MMO game developed by BitCake Studio and published by Versus Evil. It's a shooter played from a 2D perspective similar to a platformer. Gameplay features character customization and multiplayer fights. Holodrive tells the story of robot manufacturing gone bananas. Robots called Dummys were designed to become companions but something went wrong and they turned out to be extremely aggressive. The good news is that they're not aggressive towards humans, just against each other. Dummys have an inexplicable desire to fight and to compete while wearing the funkiest outfits. Holodrive players take the role of a Dummy. Their job is to customize it and to take part in fights against other players.

Maps and combat system are created to offer fast paced action. Each game genre handles character death in a different way. In RPG games, players have to go to the location of their death to resurrect or load a save file. Multiplayer shooters usually have a respawn location where characters are brought back to life after a while. Holodrive has fast respawn timers so players don't miss out on all the action. Teleporters and barriers are strategically placed on the map. Players can instantly change location using a teleporter or seek cover behind a barrier. Every character comes equipped with a jetpack that provides great mobility. Players can fly from ramp to ramp to surprise their enemies and to collect power-ups. Holodrive characters can have seven weapons on them at a time. Weapons and ammo are found all over the map. They also drop as loot from defeated enemies. Holodrive offers multiple ways to obtain gear. Packs contain equipment. There's a crafting feature that allows players to make their own weapons. A free rotation gives players a new weapon to try once every three days.

Several game modes are available. Holodrive modes selection includes the classic deathmatch mode and a unique mode called Cocoball. All game modes are designed for multiplayer and cooperation. Just like MMORPG games that offer cosmetic customization, Holodrive has a wide range of costumes and outfits used to personalize a Dummy's look. Players can select an individual customization for head, torso, arms and legs. The jetpack can be customized as well. Holopacks contain Ninja and Shinobi style costumes. Premium items are part of the game but players don't have to spend money on important items like weapons. All items that are used in combat can be acquired for free. Players unlock all items just by playing the game. Holodrive is available from Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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