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    In the deck manager players can view their collection and edit or create decks. Remember that your decks must be at least 60 cards...
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    Hex: stats
    Cards show the cost in the top left, the shard requirement under that, the power and toughness on the bottom, and card test just a...
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    Hex is currently in Alpha. Players can use the deck manager, play vs AI, or play vs other players. Future plans include cooperativ...
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    Hex: interface
    The interface of Hex looks similar to Planeswalkers. You can see which phase you are in the middle or middle left, your hand below...
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HEX: Shards of Fate Gameplay First Look - HD

HEX: Shards of Fate Gameplay First Look - HD

Combining elements of both mmos and trading card games, HEX: Shards of Fate is a free tcg mmo developed by Cryptozoic Entertainment. Players create their champion and assemble a deck of virtual cards that features quite a few innovations to the genre. Players can engage in both PvE and PvP action with cards that are specific for each gameplay mode.

HEX is set in the fantasy world of Entrath, where life proceeded normally and the various races squabbled for supremacy over one another. Catastrophe struck as a meteor hit the planet and plunged completely through and out the opposite side. Entrath's gravity held the meteor once it had exited and it became a new satellite, called Hex by the inhabitants. This impact caused tremendous devastation and several changes occurred. Foremost was the outer shell of the meteor fractured, leaving shards that became known as Hexing Gems. These gems held strong powers that could let almost anyone extract potent sorcery from them. Magic had been rare but it now became commonplace. The other major change was that the Hexing Gems caused the dead to reawaken, and these undead were sentient beings who had no memory of their former lives and were an entirely new race. The mortal races were horrified by this event and the battle lines were drawn.

Players of this free to play mmo create a champion from either the Ardent (comprised of humans, elves, coyotle, and orcs) or the Underworld (necrotic, dwarves, shin'hare, and vennen). Each champion in HEX has a unique charge power associated with a specific Hexing Gem and players can choose one of eight different classes: cleric, ranger, mage, warlock, rogue, and warrior. Champions increase in power as they gain experience.

HEX features a host of innovations that fully takes advantage of the game's digital format. This free mmo tcg features the Double Back system. Each card is unique and can be flipped over twice as the card gains experience and the three achievements for the card are unlocked. The card then transforms into an "extended art" version of the card, and eventually a foil version. The card stores data from its play and also has a badge section detailing your prestigious events with the card. All of this makes the card more valuable when you decide to trade it or sell it in the auction house. Also featured is the ability to use equipment to further enhance your character. Equipment is only used in PvE, but you can gain extra bonuses for having specific sets. Cards can also be customized through gem socketing. There are multiple gem types that can be socketed into a card, and each gem will alter the gameplay of the card. This method really increases the sheer number of possible combinations that gamers can come up with.

Players can play PvE and PvP in HEX. There is an aggressive organized play infrastructure for those wanting to engage in tournaments that has real cash prizes. There are different modes for tournaments such as booster drafts, swiss play, constructed, and more. There are also daily, weekly, monthly, and team tournaments to take part in, not to mention a world championship tournament. Players can buy PvP cards in booster packs while PvE cards are earned through playing PvE. Players can explore dozens of different dungeons and go on raids as part of the PvE experience. Players will face the most advanced tcg AI ever created as each computer foe has their own unique personality and approach to the game. The more thoroughly you explore a dungeon, the greater the rewards. Players can also join guilds and share the guild's bank to practice against registered decks of your guild mates.

HEX: Shards of Fate features a true melding of both multiplayer and trading card games. Players can engage in both PvE, by exploring dungeons and going on raids, and PvP, featuring tournaments of different deck construction. This tcg mmo features a host of innovations to fully take advantage of the digital nature of the game. From the Double Back system, gem socketing, character equipment, and champions that gain experience, HEX shakes up the staid tcg market.

By Jeff Francis


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