Heva Clonia Online open beta begins October 17

By Michael Jamias
heva clonia online open beta

The free to play mmo officially enters its public open beta phase next week Thursday, October 17.

The Heva Clonia Online open beta comes after a well-received initial beta test that ended last month. Developers report of an "overwhelming, positive" response from those who got to try out the free rpg for the first time.

It was no surprise to us that testers liked the dungeon challenges -- hack-and-slashing demons in dark, constricted corridors is the closest thing to a universal gamer craving -- but they also singled out the Heva Clonia Online guild system as a bright spot.

"The Guild system seems like a great way to bring your guild mates together, especially aiming for those Contribution Points," said one especially vocal beta tester, Daevin.

Those planning to log in to the open beta test on October 17 can expect to gain access to the dungeons, Guild system and other polished features such as pet cloning and collection, and PvP monster battles. There are also super casual mini-games that reward EXP and break off the monotony of the questing grind while still moving your leveling progression forward.

Want to join the open beta test? Sign up is free on the official Heva Clonia Online website after you register for an OGPlanet account (if you are already have one, just log in to reserve your open beta seat.)


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