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By Tam Mageean
heva clonia online live

After 2 successful test phases, Heva Clonia Online launched today, flooding the Halloween holidays monsters that won't be chasing you...you'll be chasing them!

Along with the launch, the adventure-driven MMORPG is bringing some cool new features to the game to round off the package.

The free mmo now includes; a Cash Shop, an increased level cap and new class evolutions to spice up your game. On top of all that; Heva Clonia's 3D, virtual world is expanding in all directions; with a new region, new dungeons and all-new quests to get everyone out the exploring for animals.

Heva Clonia Online is doubling down, and is also hosting a Halloween event, with parties to attend, rogue monsters to kill and Halloween Bingo to be played; there's more than one way to celebrate the launch.

Heva Clonia Online screenshot

Heva Clonia Online features some great colorful adventures and sends you out into the overgrowth, in search of monsters to battle or fights against your enemies. The pet system allows you to clone monsters purely as pets, to train and collect, or to do battle in the PvP monster arena.

Not a fan of monster companions? You can team up with your buddies, just as easily, and take on the unique Couples Dungeons and Guild PvP Arenas.

Test your monster-hunting skills now by registering for your free OGPlanet account on the Heva Clonia Online website.


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