Heva Clonia Online Episode 2 opens up Pirke region

By Michael Jamias
heva clonia online episode 2

With the release of Episode 2 for Heva Clonia Online, fans can explore the new wooded areas of Pirke and embark on new missions that take you through its swamps, gardens and dungeons.

If you've got a minute to spare, this Episode 2 official gameplay trailer will sum up its fresh offerings:

Of course, you'll need to watch out for the mythical monsters that lurk behind the thick foliage. Bosses such as Caligo, Contractor of Darkness will also push you to the limit. Overcome them and you stand to rake in great rewards.

But before you can even dream of attempting the hardest challenges in Episode 2, you'll need to raise your MMO character to the new level 59 cap.

Those are 10 additional levels, complete with new skill points and stat growth, so you'll have to put on your grinding overalls and get to the max level ASAP. As early as level 50 you'll hit a new power spike by becoming eligible for a new class promotion, opening up new skills and awesome Avatar items.

What about clones? Don't worry, Episode 2 will introduce lots of new clones to collect across the Pirke zone. For PvP fans, the new episode is also a time for fresh beginnings since rankings will be reset for Challenge, PvP and Clone Battle modes. Make sure to make each match count and you just might secure a statue in Trade City Chico in honor of your rankings achievements in the free rpg.


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