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heva clonia online episode 2
With the release of Episode 2 for Heva Clonia Online, fans can explore the new wooded areas of Pirke and embark on new missions that take you through its swamps, gardens and dungeons. If you've got a minute to spare, this Episode 2 official gameplay trailer will sum up its fresh offerings:Of course, you'll need to watch out for the mythical monsters that lurk behind the thick foliage. Bosses such as Caligo, Contractor of Darkness will also p...
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Feb 06 2014
heva clonia online live
After 2 successful test phases, Heva Clonia Online launched today, flooding the Halloween holidays monsters that won't be chasing you...you'll be chasing them! Along with the launch, the adventure-driven MMORPG is bringing some cool new features to the game to round off the package. The free mmo now includes; a Cash Shop, an increased level cap and new class evolutions to spice up your game. On top of all that; Heva Clonia's 3D, virtual world i...
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Oct 31 2013
heva clonia online open beta
The free to play mmo officially enters its public open beta phase next week Thursday, October 17. The Heva Clonia Online open beta comes after a well-received initial beta test that ended last month. Developers report of an "overwhelming, positive" response from those who got to try out the free rpg for the first time. It was no surprise to us that testers liked the dungeon challenges -- hack-and-slashing demons in dark, constricted corridors i...
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Oct 08 2013