HeroesGo trailer heralds August 30 open beta

By Michael Jamias
heroesgo open beta date

The minute-and-a-half HeroesGo open beta trailer shows off the combo power of each of the four classes.

Whether it's the Breaker, Blader, Gunslinger or Mage, each class in HeroesGo seems capable of pulling off screen-shaking attacks that can wipe out entire mob groups.

The ability of each class to wave clear enemies should not be surprising given the genre of HeroesGo: It's a dungeon crawling mmorpg-slash-action rpg. A big part of the fun of the game is facing endless hordes of enemies and spending a good few minutes pounding, slashing or disintegrating them until the final boss is revealed.

Speaking of bosses, the trailer also teases what seems to be a few of the oversized beasts that will challenge heroes at the end of each dungeon. The most intimidating of the bunch is blood-red knight construct shown at around the 1:15 mark.

The trailer is not perfect to say the least, with clunky camera handling during the middle, but it should be enough to excite adventure brawlers who are thirsting to smash buttons and monster faces.

The HeroesGo open beta is scheduled for August 30, or roughly two weeks from now. The confirmation came three months after the end of the game's closed beta, a notable lull which developers presumably used to improve the game based on fan feedback.

Watch out for further announcements on how long the open beta will last and how fans can join in on the fun.


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