Heroes of the Storm announces its Technical Alpha

By Tam Mageean
heroes of the storm alpha

We've all been hard at work, playing deck after deck of Hearthstone, and completely forgotten that Blizzard has more than one trick up their sleeve. To jog our memories, the mmo giants have announced today that there's a Heroes of the Storm alpha test in development, and it's heading our way soon.

"We’ve been hard at work on Heroes of the Storm since you last got your hands on the game at BlizzCon 2013 and we’re gearing up to invite a very limited number of players to join us in an initial phase of infrastructure and technology testing"

Blizzard are referring to the Heroes of the Storm alpha as a "tech alpha", to stress that it's still in a very basic form, and a lot of additional stuff needs to be put in, before it's anything like the game that they've got planned. Right now, their goal is to see how the public, across different computers, different internet qualities and different geographic locations plays together. In short, they're wanting to make sure everybody can play a fair, balanced game, regardless of where they are, or what they're playing on.

Heroes of the Storm, for anyone that's missed it, is going to be a master-work of all of Blizzards mmo and rpg creations, all poured into a single arena, so players can pit Orcs against Zerglings and Druids against Dark Knights, in perfect, MOBA mayhem.

If you'd like to get involved, make sure you've opted into the Heroes of the Storm test on the Battle.net Beta Profile page.


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