Heroes of the Storm News

Heroes of the Storm adds Kel'Thuzad
A powerful new entity is making their way to the Nexus. Blizzard has announced the impending arrival of the new Heroes of the Storm Kel'Thuzad playable hero. The free mmo will soon be graced with the presence of the Archlich of the Scourge who has served the Lich King both in life and after death. Given domain of the Dread Necropolis, Naxxramas, Kel'Thuzad will soon be kicking butt in the moba.The abilities of the upcoming Heroes of the Storm...
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Aug 21 2017
Heroes of the Storm announces D.Va
The Nexus is sure getting crowded with heroes as Blizzard announces another addition to the Heroes of the Storm free mmo. Another character from Overwatch is making the jump to moba glory. Earlier today, Blizzard revealed during a livestream of the upcoming Heroes of the Storm D.Va playable hero. The livestream was done in honor of the game's impending upgrade to the 2.0 version that will add a number of changes, such as loot boxes, sprays, and n...
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Apr 25 2017
Heroes of the Storm adds Genji and Hanamura map
Heroes of the Storm has come a long way since it first launched, which is why Blizzard is currently running the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 beta, the new iteration of the free mmo. A lot of changes are being incorporated, but the core concepts still prevail, such as adding heroes and maps from Blizzard's various franchises. Overwatch is making another push into the moba as Blizzard announces the new Heroes of the Storm Genji playable hero and Hanamur...
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Apr 17 2017
Heroes of the Storm partners with Facebook
To the consternation to parents everywhere, the ability to pay for college by playing video games is a fact. Last year, Blizzard announced a tournament based upon their Heroes of the Storm game called Heroes of the Dorm where teams of college players could compete for scholarships and other prizes. Well, the free mmo tournament is back and games will be streamed live as Blizzard announces a Heroes of the Dorm Facebook Live partnership.The off...
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Jan 25 2017
Heroes of the Storm Samuro the Blademaster announced
Blizzard sure has no shortage of notable characters to add to their Heroes of the Storm free mmo from their roster of games. It seems every month or two sees another popular character from games like StarCraft or Diablo being added to the moba. The latest champion hails from Warcraft 3 as Blizzard announces the new Heroes of the Storm Samuro the Blademaster champion that is coming soon.The background for the Heroes of the Storm Samuro the Bla...
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Oct 06 2016
Was Blizzard right to take Heroes of the Storm death threats seriously?
It's a sad reality of online gaming that threats and extreme trolling have become somewhat commonplace. It seems that the nature of some mmo games, especially moba games, coupled with the anonymity of the internet, can fuel some gamers to spew the most insane garbage to other players and to the companies that make the games. Heck, some games (League of Legends) are even known for their toxic community. However, when the trash talking turns to dea...
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Jul 31 2016
Heroes of the Storm Auriel trailer
It's starting to get a little crowded in the Nexus. Heroes of the Storm has added plenty of iconic characters from the various Blizzard games, and now the free mmo is adding another. The latest recruit is Archangel Auriel, who comes from Diablo 3. Blizzard has released a pretty nice cinematic Heroes of the Storm Auriel trailer, showcasing some of her skills as a support character.As for the Heroes of the Storm Auriel hero, Blizzard notes, "It...
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Jul 28 2016
Heroes of the Storm adds Medivh
Another champion is entering the Nexus to do battle as Heroes of the Storm adds Medivh, the Last Guardian. Medivh features prominently in WoW lore as he was the person responsible for opening the Dark Portal that allowed the orc race to invade Azeroth. He has worked tirelessly to atone for his sin and strives to lead his allies to greatness within the Nexus. Medivh watches the battles within the free mmo up high in his Raven Form and then swoops ...
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Jun 08 2016
heroes of the storm chromie
Some of the more old school mmorpg fans will know the struggle and the legacy of adversity that gnomes have been through. You Blood Elves and Dwarves don't know the half of it! World of Warcraft fans have obviously witnessed this more than most, with Blizzard continuously pushing their gnomes into the foreground, but the community continually shunning them as a result. In all truth, World of Warcraft's gnomes have had a better reception in Heart...
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May 18 2016
Heroes of the Storm Tracer getting nerfed
There are few things that mmo gamers fear more than hearing the word "nerf" be spoken aloud by developers. Whether it's a favorite class or moba champion, the dreaded nerf hammer can have devastating consequences on how a gamer plays the game. The Heroes of the Storm Tracer hero has been quite popular since she was introduced to the free mmo, but the honeymoon is ending as she is getting the nerf treatment for being too good.The Heroes of the...
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May 03 2016