Heroes of Newerth player base grew by 50% in 2012

By Michael Jamias
heroes of newerth players grew 50 percent

This led S2 Games, the developer behind Heroes of Newerth, to double its workforce to improve its games and player services.

“Our Heroes of Newerth player base grew by about 50 percent in 2012 and we have high expectations with the launch of HoN 3.0 in 2013,” said Marc DeForest, CEO of S2 Games.

S2 Games said that of the current 90 staff, 49 were hired in 2012 alone. The new staff will be working not only on Heroes of Newerth content but also on other mobile games and rpg games in development. S2 Games has also relocated to a new 18,000 sq ft office.

“We're constantly seeking ways to improve our games and the services we offer to the player base, and that's why we're investing in a top-notch workforce and a great space to do the work.”

S2 Games has plenty up its sleeve for 2013. Aside from Heroes of Newerth 3.0, it is focusing on churning out mobile games, most of which will probably online multiplayer or even MMO in nature, through its newly formed iGames division.

“The team’s goal is to push the boundaries of what mobile games are and can be by focusing on a balanced mixture of fun and intuitive mechanics with deep, engrossing gameplay that caters to players of all skill levels,” said DeForest.


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