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heroes of newerth season 4 start
Another year of exciting eSports action begins this August 1 with the launch of Heroes of Newerth Tour Season 4 or known shorthand as HTS4. As with previous seasons, organizers for the MMO MOBA’s largest eSports tournament for the year will be looking to crowdsourcing as a major source of prize money.Why would online rpg fans throw money behind Season 4? Game designers will be rolling out the Paragons, a collection of avatars that can be pur...
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Jul 27 2015
hereos of newerth acquisition frostburn studios
Heroes of Newerth is under new management, with the MMO MOBA becoming acquired by Frostburn Studios, a subsidiary of Garena Online.The Heroes of Newerth acquisition should result in minimal staff shake-ups as the press release assured that "the current Heroes of Newerth development team will be seamlessly integrated into Frostburn Studios, to ensure minimal impact on user experience and game continuity." Under the leadership of Heroes of New...
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May 05 2015
heroes of newerth 8 bit collection
Get a whiff of gaming nostalgia when you jump into Heroes of Newerth this month. Starting April 10, the MMO MOBA has been rolling out a set of in-game hero avatars and content inspired by some of rpg gaming's most memorable content.The Heroes of Newerth 8-Bit Collection debuts with the LightGunblade, a persona which wields zapper guns on both hands. Other items in the collection will be unveiled every Friday at 10 AM EDT. Heroes of Newerth ...
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Apr 12 2015
heroes of newerth dealift launch
Heroes of Newerth gets a special new hero in the form of Deadlift, The Necrofury -- the only one in the MMO MOBA who can revive allies. Deadlift will be a boon for teams as he provides a strong support-oriented kit, including reliable crowd control skills and resurrection power. His Death Grip skill can root targets and his Onslaught skill induces madness. His third skill is called The Dead Shall Rise which can turn the tide of battle when ...
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Feb 25 2015
heroes of newerth live rounds open beta
Heroes of Newerth fans have been testing the Live Rounds in-game video conferencing app in closed beta for awhile now, and with things going so well -- fans had been sending "a lot of positive feedback" says marketing director Sam Braithwate -- the MMO MOBA is ushering the free service to open beta. With the Heroes of Newerth Live Rounds open beta launch, any Heroes of Newerth player can now run Live Rounds and conduct in-game video calls with u...
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Nov 25 2014
heroes of newerth map contest four finalists
We're down to the final four in Heroes of Newerth's search for the player-made map that will make it into the MMO MOBA and win a cool $10,000. The Heroes of Newerth community map contest enters its final stage after a weeklong open poll whittled down the contenders to the four most popular. The final four maps, according to S2 Games, represent a spectrum of genres.First is The Greenlands, a capture-the-flag and king-of-the-hill hybrid.S...
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Oct 14 2014
heroes of newerth closed beta
These days, the big MOBA war is waged between DotA 2 and League of Legends, but not that long ago, there was a third rival competing to be the best battle rpg - Heroes of Newerth. Although, in recent years, Heroes of Newerth has faded into the background, due to announcements from countless copycat mmo games and MOBAs as the genre gains infamy. Eager to prove that they aren't a sleeping giant, Asia's primary MOBA publisher, Tencent Games, have ...
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Aug 06 2014
heroes of newerth anniversary
Next week, Heroes of Newerth will be celebrating four years of moba rpg goodness. Along the way it has picked up over half a million unique players, won a fistful of awards and became one third of the moba "holy trinity", alongside the rival encampments of League of Legends and DotA 2. In anticipation of their big birthday bash, the Heroes of Newerth HoNiversary celebrations have already begun, and a bunch of deals, giveaways and events have beg...
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May 08 2014
heroes of newerth players grew 50 percent
This led S2 Games, the developer behind Heroes of Newerth, to double its workforce to improve its games and player services. “Our Heroes of Newerth player base grew by about 50 percent in 2012 and we have high expectations with the launch of HoN 3.0 in 2013,” said Marc DeForest, CEO of S2 Games. S2 Games said that of the current 90 staff, 49 were hired in 2012 alone. The new staff will be working not only on Heroes of Newerth content but also o...
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Jan 16 2013