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  • Heroes of Newerth: ui

    Heroes of Newerth: ui
    Between matches, you can chat or unlock new heroes....
    Heroes of Newerth: ui

    Heroes of Newerth: store

    Heroes of Newerth: store
    When starting a new game, and throughout the match, be sure to visit the store to get new gear....
    Heroes of Newerth: store

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    Heroes of Newerth: abilities
    As you level up, you can learn or upgrade one of your 4 spells....
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    Heroes of Newerth: lh
    Remember to not simply attack creeps. You want to get the last hit on them to earn as much money as possible....
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Heroes of Newerth Gameplay

Heroes of Newerth Gameplay

Heroes of Newerth is a free-to-play, action real-time strategy game from S2 Games. Unlike traditional strategy online RPG Games that focus on resource collection and base management, Heroes of Newerth focuses the strategy action on hero selection and map battles. Players begin the game choosing one of more than a hundred heroes, each with his or own set of abilities. These abilities can be used to destroy the waves of enemies that spawn from the enemy based camp or the enemy heroes controlled by other players. Killing enemies and enemy heroes earns you experience and levels, which raises your power stats and unlocks even more powerful abilities. Fans of the pioneering Blizzard custom map Defense of the Ancients will recognize a strong gameplay resemblance between the two.

Heroes of Newerth is focused mainly on cooperative and competitive multi-player team play, complete with a full ladder ranking system and tournaments. In each match round, players are divided into two camps – the Legion or the Hellbourne. Each side has an exclusive roster of heroes that you can choose from, and after every player has taken their pick, the match begins on a predetermined or random map. Sometimes, an AI-controlled hero is enlisted to even the playing field. Players then set out to bring down the towers, and ultimately, the enemy base. The game gives a top-down view of the map for better tactical play. The map contains power-ups that can be picked up for a temporary boost, or they can opt to purchase essential items at their home base that permanently increase their health, speed or damage. Items require currency earned from striking the killing blow on an enemy mob or hero, so most tactics revolve around sniping foes low on health. Those with the best skills will often grow in power faster due to their ability to survive and deprive the enemy heroes of easy currency. Players often do not have to worry about being paired against elite veterans due to the smart matchmaking system in place.

Heroes of Newerth is a continuously evolving strategy online rpg game. Regular patches are introduced to usher in new features, new heroes and balance changes. The Heroes of Newerth ha a vast microtransactions store rivaling those found in MMO games. Purchasing from the microtransactions store is not mandatory to be able to play the game, but it does open up customization options as well as access to new hero packs.

By Rachel Rosen


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