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Heroes and Villains is a super hero themed MMO developed and published by Plan Z, a community of MMORPG enthusiasts and comic book fans that teamed up to create a City of Heroes spiritual successor. Titan City, the game zone where most of the action takes place, is a huge urban setting with many distinct areas that takes players from crowded cosmopolitan places to country side outskirts. This city features around 30 locations such as Aurora, a posh neighborhood, Steelville, an industrial area, Westside, a neighborhood that got a bad reputation due to its raised criminality or places like Heartland Park that houses a zoo and beautiful gardens.

Casual and social are the 2 attributes that define Heroes and Villains but developers wanted to satisfy the hardcore playerbase too so they came up with the idea of multi content to suit diverse play styles. Players looking for a quality solo gameplay will happily discover multiple leveling paths (current level cap is 50) and story quests that follow comic book styles. If you prefer teaming up with other players, Heroes and Villains offers group based content. Some players prefer this type of content because of the social interaction aspect, a crucial feature for any successful online RPG. Heroes and Villains get to clash in PvP battlegrounds and battle in epic fights that determine the best individual PvP players and teams. Heroes and Villains has only one game server to facilitate player interaction and community events.

Charismatic characters are the heart and soul of any super hero themed comic book or movie and MMORPG games make no exception. Heroes and Villains has plenty of unique characters with interesting background stories that made them choose a heroic or villainous path. Shadow Walker is a mysterious warrior that operates alone, prefers unarmed combat and his unnatural long life might be a blessing and a curse. Mystic Master is the most talented Heroes and Villains spell caster and a veteran crime fighter. No one knows where the Celestial Sorceress comes from but her undeniable powers make her a valuable asset for the good guys team. Super heroes are great but the truth is that they would be out of job if evil masterminds wouldn’t plot world destruction. Corvus, Doctor Deathmask, The Exile and Wrecking Ball are only some of the Heroes and Villains bad guys. Each one follows a well known villain archetype. Legend has that The Exile is some sort of alien, Doctor Deathmask performed experiments on his own body to become a superhuman, Corvus comes from a rich family and Wrecking Ball has been forced to become a bully since his early years. Heroes and Villains has a rich character selection and also customization options to make each player feel unique.

By Rachel Rosen

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