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Hero's Song

Category : RPG Games

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Hero's Song is a multiplayer online RPG developed and published by Pixelmage Games. It's a game that gives players the freedom to shape the world around them by making in game choices. Multiplayer content allows users to form parties of 25 members and fight in epic battles against various enemies. Hero's Song world is home to brave adventurers and terrible monsters. All sorts of creatures have taken over abandoned places and transformed them into dangerous dungeons. Heroes adventure into monster lairs to uncover the secrets of this world and to acquire treasures. Hero's Song is a fantasy game so magic is also part of it. Players will fight using weapons and spells.

Heroes must always be prepared to face monsters. Hero's Song has different types of creatures that have a unique fighting style. In some cases melee combat works best but there are also encounters where ranged attacks are far superior. Different monsters are susceptible to different types of attacks. Players will alternate between spells and physical damage to bring down their foes. Hero's Song is one of the RPG games online that have friendly fire. This means that anyone can get hit by incoming attacks. Players need to make sure not to damage their party members and move out of the way to avoid taking unnecessary damage. There is no option to turn off friendly fire. This makes each encounter a challenging experience. Hero's Song has another hardcore mechanic: perma death. Characters are controlled using click to move commands. Players will find it extremely easy to move and initiate attacks but they must keep in mind that each action may have serious consequences. Positioning during a challenging fight is very important. Inexperienced players may die because of friendly fire or they might kill their team mates with a poorly timed attack. The game world is shaped according to players actions.

Players make decisions that impact the world. Some actions will reflect in the geography as landscapes and scenery can be shaped by players actions. Fictional gods that govern over Hero's Song realm can also be chosen by players. Character customization allows players to personalize heroes background and personal story. Hero's Song is a MMO with procedurally generated content so players will always find a new region to explore and conquer. Adventurers have the option to team up with other fighters, to help NPCs with various tasks and even to kill the inhabitants of this world if that is their wish. Players have the possibility to create their unique story and adventure. Gameplay also includes features such as crafting system, survival mechanics and PvP. Hero's Song is a 2D game with a fantasy inspired open world that features pixel art graphics.

By Rachel Rosen

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