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    Hero Online: combat
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Hero Online Gameplay

Hero Online Gameplay

Hero Online is a Chinese themed, fantasy mmorpg, developed by NetGame and published by MGame. The Great Dragon, a hero who managed to trap the Twelve Demons and rule peacefully for a long time, is now dead. His death was not natural and rumors of the Twelve Demons roaming free once again are spreading fast. The world is in desperate need of another hero to bring order. Most of the Hero Online aspects and features are mmorpg specific but, each one has a little addition or improvement to make things more interesting. Hero Online has a pet system that allows companions to be used as combat pets or as mounts. They advance in level when enough XP is gained. An important thing to remember about pets is that they must be fed. The lot system provides various rewards (XP, gold or items) when players hit a certain kill count. There is a clever system that allows high level players to completely change their character. After level 100, Hero Online characters can get new skills or stats that offer a complete new play style.

Hero Online classes and character development are based on a 3 promotions system. The starting Hero Online jobs (classes) are: warrior, physician, hunter and assassin. The first promotion happens when characters get 1dan and they gain a skill. In order to promote, players have to visit the class promotion NPC. Stats boosts and new abilities are also promotion rewards. At level 50, Hero Online rpg characters will get a second promotion after completing a certain quest. Each class can choose a specialization. Warriors can become champions or musa. Physicians can opt for surgeon or combat medic. Hunters choose from tracker or ranger. Assassin development options are shinobi or slayer. The last promotion allows players to get a third job. Hero Online third promotion jobs are: warlord, beast lord, holy hand and shadow lord. Hero Online items can be strengthened to make them more efficient. There are 8 strengthening levels and various mats that provide different bonuses can be used.

Sync effect and master/apprentice system are Hero Online features that encourage and reward player interaction. Characters gain better XP and loot when completing quests or other challenges with a party. Hero Online guilds are called houses and are faction specific. Hero Online mmo takes account protection very seriously. Bank Latch and Inventory Seal secure a player’s goods in case of hacking. PvP players can start their training from early levels by visiting the Endless War map, an unrestricted PvP zone. Diamond Castle and Golden Castle are Hero Online battlegrounds for guilds. Flag Kingdom and Great War are faction PvP events. Hero Online has premium features and a cash shop.

By Rachel Rosen

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