Hero of the Obelisk adds defense dungeon in February content update

By Michael Jamias
hero of the obelisk february content update

Get ready to take on the defense dungeon and battle through 10 floors of increasingly tougher enemies.

The defense dungeon headlines the upcoming February content update for Hero of the Obelisk.

It'll be a tough climb for sure but once you complete the dungeon, you'll be able to bring home quite a bag of currency and special token rewards.

Developers have also added new hero levels past level 50, to the cheers of max level fans. These new hero levels will unlock exclusive titles and permanent special wings, and give veterans fresh goals to work towards in the online rpg.

The February content update also unlocks the Arena feature. Have a grudge against another player? Or perhaps you want to test your strength in battle? Then send out an Arena challenge to another player and you can duke it out in no-holds-barred PvP. It even comes with a spectator option, which lets you scout your rivals to discover their secret combos (or vice versa).

The update also adds an interesting social twist to Siege battles. Attacking guilds in the MMO can now create an alliance to help them overthrow the reigning victors. This will likely stir up lots of action as players vie for the top spot.


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