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hero of the obelisk february content update
Get ready to take on the defense dungeon and battle through 10 floors of increasingly tougher enemies. The defense dungeon headlines the upcoming February content update for Hero of the Obelisk. It'll be a tough climb for sure but once you complete the dungeon, you'll be able to bring home quite a bag of currency and special token rewards. Developers have also added new hero levels past level 50, to the cheers of max level fans. These new hero...
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Jan 17 2014
hero of the obelisk beta
Hero of the Obelisk's last beta was somewhat a success, with beta keys scattered across social media and all over the net, plenty of people managed to get online and try the upcoming MMORPG, while giving the team at GBE Games a decent inbox of bugs and fixes. The beta was short and sweet, running for the second part of October, but has given the developers everything they need, in terms of establishing their fixes and projecting an estimated open...
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Nov 05 2013