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  • Heroes of the Obelisk: character

    Heroes of the Obelisk: character
    Choose from 1 of 3 classes, and several minor character customizations when creating your adventurer....
    Heroes of the Obelisk: character

    Heroes of the Obelisk: skills

    Heroes of the Obelisk: skills
    Learn new skills from books or as you play and gain levels....
    Heroes of the Obelisk: skills

    Heroes of the Obelisk: daily

    Heroes of the Obelisk: daily
    Daily rewards can give you a steady supply of armor and weapon upgrades....
    Heroes of the Obelisk: daily

    Heroes of the Obelisk: boss

    Heroes of the Obelisk: boss
    Single player dungeons are solo instances with objectives and, most likely, a boss fight. Bring plenty of potions!...
    Heroes of the Obelisk: boss

Hero of the Obelisk Gameplay First Look - HD

Hero of the Obelisk Gameplay First Look - HD

Quest for glory as a diminutive adventurer in Hero of the Obelisk, the free mmorpg developed by Eyasof. Set in the fantasy world of Abate, this game mixes dungeons, hack and slash combat, and a great deal of fun for everyone. This Korean import, originally called Dungeon Hero, has made its way to the West. The game's art style is strictly anime in nature with players adventuring with chibi-style characters.

Hero of the Obelisk features three main classes for the player to choose from: swordsman, adventurer, and scholar. The classes are not gender-locked and each has their own unique style of gameplay. As the character advances in level, they will reach thresholds where they can further specialize in one of two job branches related to each class. This class specialization also unlocks new skills for the players to use. An example would be the swordsman, who can then specialize in becoming a fighter or a warrior. Further specialization occurs as the fighter can then become a gladiator or conqueror whilst the warrior can become a knight or guardian. The swordsman has incredible strength and stamina and they use melee weapons in combat. They can act as an offensive powerhouse or as a shield, protecting their comrades. The adventurer uses their agility and cunning. They can use their agility to master stealth or choose to specialize in tech, using and transforming machinery to suit their needs. The last class in this mmorpg is the scholar. These academic souls have devoted their lives to research and studying. They can work in a support role, buffing and healing their allies, or harness the power of nature to be mighty magicians.

Gameplay in Hero of the Obelisk focuses on dungeons, PvP, and open field as players engage in action-packed hack and slash combat. There are over a hundred different dungeons for players to venture into, either solo or with friends. Dungeons have two skill settings, default and hardcore. Hardcore dungeons are much harder, but provide for better rewards. When a dungeon is completed, the player can take his reward immediately or reserve to choose later. With the reserve option, the player has a greater percentage chance of getting valuable items when the dungeon is completed again. Players can choose to keep reserving their roll to build up their chances. Open fields are open areas that are accessible to all players that allows them to recharge their fatigue. Items are dropped more frequently in open fields, but the experience gained is far less than in dungeons.

PvP allows your cute character to engage in some serious carnage against other players. There are several PvP modes in Hero of the Obelisk including battlefields, sieges, PKing, and more. Players can fight duels in teams from 2 to 4 players each as they fight over battlefield control points. Siege battles are where two opposing guilds, with up to 100 players per side, battle one another as one guild defends a castle while the other attempts to take it down. The open fields of this free to play mmo are dangerous as player killing is allowed, with the exception of the Shinoi Mine Open Field. You'll need to keep a sharp eye out.

Hero of the Obelisk is a bright, anime-style mmo where players quest as chibi-sized adventurers. Players can go on tons of dungeon runs, explore the open fields of the game's world to recharge and do some PKing, or engage in PvP duels or sieges. Who says cute doesn't mean tough?

By Jeff Francis


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