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  • HellGate: Character Creation

    HellGate: Character Creation
    Choose from one of six classes and create your own unique looking character....
    HellGate: Character Creation

    HellGate: Entry

    HellGate: Entry
    Once we enter the game we appear to be in a dark futuristic world, community members roam around....
    HellGate: Entry

    HellGate: Skills Customization

    HellGate: Skills Customization
    Not only are there 6 classes, you have the choice of branching off into 3 unique skill types for each class....
    HellGate: Skills Customization

    HellGate: Monster Slaying

    HellGate: Monster Slaying
    You feel the fear and the environment as you shoot away at zombie-like creatures....
    HellGate: Monster Slaying

HellGate Gameplay

HellGate Gameplay

HellGate is a free online rpg, developed by FlagShip Studios and published by HanbitSoft. HellGate was released back in 2007 as HellGate: London. HellGate had quite a few ups and downs and it was HanbitSoft that brought it back as a free to play title in 2011. HellGate events are set in a bleak near future. Demons are invading our world through a hell gate. The human resistance against demons begins in London, hence the name HellGate: London. The invasion continues with HellGate: Tokyo. Those interested in HellGate story can take their time and enjoy the game in solo mode. However, best rewards come from group challenges. Players can flag themselves for PvP if they wish to battle other human opponents.

When starting HellGate for the first time, players will choose a faction (same thing with class). A few visual details, as well as character gender can be customized. There are 3 main factions and each one has 2 specializations. This results in 6 class types. Templars are holy warriors that can become Blademasters or Guardians. The Blademaster can dual wield weapons or wears a shield. The Guardian is a tanking class similar to paladins in other rpg games. The Cabalist is a magic user with Evoker and Summoner development paths. The Evoker has dark magic spells and can also use plagues. The Summoner resurrects or subdues demons to bend them to his will. Hunters use technology to fight demons. The Marksman is a ranged fighter with guns as his favorite weapons. Engineers can create and use all sorts of devices.

HellGate heroes have plenty of items to choose from. There are 7 types of HellGate items: general, enhanced, rare, legendary, unique, mythic and set. The best items are those that are part of a set. The more items from a set you have equipped, the better the bonus. Items can be customized and improved using HellGate mod system. Mods can be used on an item only if that item has sockets. Battery mod adds physical, fire, toxic and ice attack. Fuel mode is similar to battery but works with weapons. Relics provide magical attack bonus. Ammo mod boosts damage and crit for guns. Rocket mode is for increasing attack and accuracy for ranged weapons. Weapons enhanced with Tech mode shoot faster and have a higher crit chance. Players will need all the help they can get to fight HellGate free to play mmo demons. There are various types of demonic mobs. Bosses are the strongest. Each mob has a weakness and a particularity. For example, Spectrals are visible only if the player has super natural vision. HellGate has a grouping system that allows PvP and PvE players to easily find teams.

By Rachel Rosen

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