Hearthstone announces first tournament

By Tam Mageean
hearthstone tournament

Hearthstone has been picking up steam recently. It's had a really successful closed beta so far, gathering masses of attention, piquing gamers' interests from all over the gaming spectrum, so much so, that this week they decided to dish out even more beta keys. The game is getting huge, and it hasn't even launched yet!

Blizzard definitely have confidence in the trading card MMORPG, and now, they're ready to take it pro, by announcing Hearthstone's first competitive tournament; the Innkeeper's Invitational.

The invitational was announced today on the battle.net forums and is scheduled to take place, live, on stage at BlizzCon on November 8th and 9th, to determine who will be the first ever "Grandmaster of the Hearth".

Hearthstone BlizzCon

Blizzard have chosen 8 lucky contestants from the closed beta, some of whom should be familiar to MMO fans;

Opening Matches:

Match 1. Day[9] vs Reckful

Match 2. Hafu vs Kripparrian

Match 3. Trump vs Husky

Match 4. Noxious vs Artosis

Each player will bring 3 of their own constructed decks, each a different class, for the best of 5, single elimination tournament. If one of their chosen decks loses, it's out for good, and another deck will have to be chosen until they run out of decks to play with.

Can't make it to BlizzCon? Don't forget, you can buy a virtual ticket and watch the whole thing, including the Hearthstone tournament live online via the Blizzcon Website. The Semi-Finals and Finals will also be streamed via the World of Warcraft Twitch channel.

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