Spectator Mode heading to Hearthstone, but steering away from eSports

By Tam Mageean
hearthstone spectator mode

In a recent interview with the professional mmo scene reporters of ESL TV, Blizzard's Kim Phan confirmed a Hearthstone Spectator Mode.

In the Twitch stream, broadcast Live from the Intel Extreme Masters in Cologne, the Senior eSports Manager for Blizzard divulged information about the upcoming "Observer Mode" and what it would mean overall for the competitive card game.

"We're not quite sure that Hearthstone should be portrayed the way that a typical eSport is...it's a card game, and I think that there's a lot more room to be creative with Hearthstone." Phan stated, suggesting that the competitive element of the card game should be less of the focus.

"Hearthstone is intended to be a very warm and friendly game, so to see it put into that typical eSports aspect? I'm not quite sure if that's a direction where we see it going."

Despite this, the development team is working on a spectator mode, suggesting that although eSports may not be

"We have a full list of features that we'd love to see from an eSports perspective...what's really high on the list right not is a Spectator mode; an Observer mode."

Although Phan confirmed that it's something that the development team is working on, she said it won't be ready when the game officially comes out of its beta phase.

The mmorpg themed card game is currently in a successful open beta phase, with a solid launch planned for sometime this year.


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