Hearthstone reveals Rexxar lore

By Tam Mageean
hearthstone rexxar

Another week; another Heroes of Warcraft developer diary rolls out, and this week it reveals the lore of Hearthstone's Beastmaster class champion; Rexxar, the Hunter.

Rexxars main attraction is his ability to summon the assistance of a variety of Azeroth's wildlife in the heat of battle. This is brought to life in the trading card MMO through the use of Rexxar's Animal Companion card, which allows you to draw one of his bestial assistants at random; Misha the Bear, Huffer the Boar and Leokk the Wyvern.

Hearthstone Rexxar beasts

The Hearthstone developers also briefly described his tracking ability, which provides foresight into your deck; allowing you to see what's next in your draw pile. Rexxar will also have a "sniping from the undergrowth ability" thanks to his trusty longbow, although the mechanics behind this ability have yet to be explained.

The Hunter joins the MMORPG's Realm after leaving his encampment of half-ogres in the Blade's Edge mountains, in search of a life free from treachery with his beloved animals. He was joined by his companion, Haratha the Wolf who he unfortunately lost to the dark magic of Orcish Warlocks on his travels, and now sadly travels alone.

Hearthstone Rexxar

Still waiting to get involved in Hearthstone? The team at Blizzard are giving out beta keys on a near-daily basis, so keep an eye out for prompts on their Twitter and Facebook!


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