Hearthstone update confuses testers

By Tam Mageean
hearthstone reset

Azeroth's Heroes of Warcraft arose this morning to mass confusion, after discovering that Hearthstone reset all player rankings in the MMOs beta. The twitter-verse was alive with cries of foul play and lost hours at the discovery of their newly invoked Journeyman statuses, with seemingly no explanation. Some players even found out mid-game, at the stroke of midnight, while they were playing on the servers. There was no mention of the reset in the update's patch notes.

The beta test has been running for almost 2 months now, and many players had rose through the rankings, and had accrued stats, medals and rewards in the process. Although the game exists in the same realm as the MMORPG, World of Warcraft, the games, and their stats have no effect on each other.

Hearthstone screenshot

The beta has also changed from working on a cumulative ranking system, where losses aren't scored negatively, to implementing a ladder system, whereby losses will in-fact affect your stats, making the game more challenging and less grind-oriented.

Gamers fear that this is going to be a regular occurrence in the final version of the game, leading to weekly "arena" style rankings, which is yet to be confirmed, but Blizzard have finally cleared a few things up for everybody.

Aratil, Hearthstone's community manager revealed to the beta testers why they chose to give everybody a clean slate via the beta forum;

"The ranked ladder was reset yesterday. This was done in order to help us to test the ladder reset functionality as we continue to work on and develop how ladder systems will be implemented for Hearthstone"

Hearthstone poster

The reset was merely carried out as an experiment to help the developers diversify the ranking system, although it does hint that it will be an ongoing thing, for the beta at least. That won't appease a lot of the twitter-monsters, who feel that their rankings have been "stolen" from them, but it's actually quite typical for a beta to give and take as it pleases. It is a test, after all.


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