Hearthstone hits open beta

By Tam Mageean
hearthstone open

Hearthstone, the competitive card game, has already taken the mmo universe by storm with its closed beta. Fans have been screaming out for access to Hearthstone since its conception, with closed beta keys limited, but gradually ramping up as the game has moved closer and closer to a public launch, and try as they may; many, until now, have been left empty handed.

Finally, at long last, the turn-based card game, inspired and paralleled by mmorpg, World of Warcraft, has reached its immensely anticipated open beta phase; granting anyone and everyone access. Up until now, many have had to solely spectate, and the likes of YouTube, Twitch and Battle.net's Blizzcon coverage have been swamped with high calibre spell-casting action.

For anyone who has missed out on the hype so far; Hearthstone is an impeccably well-polished card game, that acts as a great gate-way game for those who haven't played a CCG before, or are baffled by the complexity of other table-tops, like Magic 2014 or Heroes of Might and Magic.

News of the Hearthstone Open Beta has been sadly followed with the news that Blizzard have just filed a lawsuit against a Chinese mobile-based card game; Legend of Crouching Dragon, due to a huge degree of similarity. Seemingly, it has even used the same card formats and layout.

Hearthstone is available to play, from today, via their official website.


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