Hearthstone begins its iPad journey

By Tam Mageean
hearthstone ipad

Without a doubt; Hearthstone has been a revolutionary game changer on the competitive card games scene. The CCG community has always been pretty tight knit, and tough to penetrate, due to the complexity of more traditional card rpg titles, such as Magic: The Gathering and Heroes of Might and Magic. Typically, these titles take a significant amount of practice and can go on for a long amount of time too. By comparison, Hearthstone is almost an arcade game, and takes less time to play than some of its competitors take to set up. The familiarity of its mmorpg inspired characters, from World of Warcraft, and its fast-paced, refreshing new approach to card gaming has created an almost viral appeal and heads have turned beyond the CCG core.

Heathstone iPad

As promised, Hearthstone is taking its mass appeal to the living rooms, offices...and probably bathrooms of the mass market, and has begun its transition onto the iPad. Hearthstone's iPad edition is now available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Blizzard are considering this a "soft launch" for the handheld version of Hearthstone, while they test out the new interface, and they will be continuing with other launch territories and other platforms in the near future. Back when the iPad version was announced at BlizzCon 2013, Blizzard promised iOS, android and Windows tablet coverage was on its way.

Hopefully we'll see a worldwide launch following shortly.


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