ESL announce monthly Hearthstone tournament

By Tam Mageean
hearthstone esl tournament

Do you think you've got what it takes? Hearthstone has seen 2 weeks of open beta now, with many more in closed beta and ESL have decided its time to start pitting players, head to head against each other in a more serious format. ESL, the pro-gaming conglomerate that heads many big leagues for competitive mmo games; from the Intel Extreme Masters series, to the ESL Pro series, have announced a new Hearthstone tournament, starting next week.

All of the match-ups will also be streamed Live via the official NESL TV stream, so you never know; you could become the next pro mmo star!

The Pre-season Opens will be awarding $1000 a week, across twice-weekly tournaments that are open to anyone.

Once a week, there'll be a $500 Cup, with $250 going to the winner, $150 to second place and $50 to third and forth. Later in the week, the stakes will get a little higher, with a $500 "King of the Hill" style, endurance gauntlet, where the winner will take home the entire $500 pot.

This entire format will continue for 12 weeks, giving out $12,000 worth of cash prizes across the entire warm-up, as players get ready for the real thing, when Hearthstone goes Live.

As mentioned, these prize tournaments are open to everyone, so get your best decks ready, register via the ESL website and get ready for battle!


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