Rogues nerfed, Warriors and Priests buffed in new Hearthstone patch

By Michael Jamias
hearthstone closed beta patch rogue nerfs

The Rogue nerfs come after fans decried the borderline OPness of the backstabbing class.

Blizzard said that some of the Rogue's key spells and minions will be "adjusted to bring them more in line with the other classes" when Hearthstone activates its first major closed beta patch for both the Americas and Europe regions.

On the opposite side of the game balance continuum, the Warriors and Priests will be getting new tools and improved cards "to round out their arsenal."

The Warrior and Priest buffs, along with tweaks for all the other classes, will be discussed in detail when the full patch notes are released.

The upcoming closed beta patch for the card battle rpg also introduces more lenient daily quests (you can complete them using two classes instead of one), visually improved golden cards with spiffier animations, and an updated crafting user interface designed to make it more user-friendly.

Hearthstone fans will also get to enjoy the company of others using the upgraded chat functions and newly introduced Toasts feature that alerts your mmorpg friends when you score an achievement or just did something mind-blowing in the game.

Play mode and Arena mode even get a few tweaks that make them more compelling for fans. As it stands, most closed beta players would rather grind quests than participate in either mode due to the relatively poorer rewards. But Blizzard will be raising the prizes for both modes, increasing your likelihood to win cards and gold, especially when on a winning streak.


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