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  • Hailan Rising: Highroad

    Hailan Rising: Highroad
    You can select a character from Humans and Orcs....
    Hailan Rising: Highroad

    Hailan Rising: Etheria Tablet of ab...

    Hailan Rising: Etheria Tablet of ab...
    Glass shards are used to upgrade your abilities. Normal glass shards help with level 1 upgrade. You'll also find level 2 glass sha...
    Hailan Rising: Etheria Tablet of ab...

    Hailan Rising: Earning glass shards

    Hailan Rising: Earning glass shards
    In Hailan Rising, you can kill rats for getting glass shards. Each glass shards sells for 50 gold....
    Hailan Rising: Earning glass shards

    Hailan Rising: Land of Hailan

    Hailan Rising: Land of Hailan
    Hailan Rising is set in the land of Hailan which is the only place left after a great war....
    Hailan Rising: Land of Hailan

Hailan Rising Gameplay First Look

Hailan Rising Gameplay First Look

Hailan Rising, developed by Reloaded Productions and published by GamersFirst, is a PvP focused free online RPG. There are Hailan Rising versions for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Multi platform gameplay is supported. Hailan Rising attempts to bring diversity and to eliminate farming and grinding. The possibilities for character customization aren’t endless but there are more than 4 million different possible builts and that’s more than enough. Drops are randomized. There is PvE content but Hailan Rising is a game designed for PvP. The story has a fantasy theme. Krow, the death god, nearly destroyed the entire world. The last kingdom standing is Hailan. Human and Orcs are fighting for Hailan dominance. Players are required to pick a side.

The 2 playable Hailan Rising factions are Human and Orc. Each faction has male and female character models. There are a few visual attributes (skin, face and hair style) that can be customized. One Hailan Rising particular feature is that players don’t select a class when creating a character. All Hailan Rising characters have stats: defense, strength, dexterity, wisdom and intelligence. Gear, weapons and accessories can be equipped. Etherea Tablet is the Hailan Rising feature used to customize characters. There are 3 main sets of skills and abilities: physical, magic and utility. For easy access, players can drag the most used abilities to the action bar and cast them by pressing 1-9 keys. Hailan Rising creators wanted to make a game where everyone can have fun right from the start. Most MMORPG games become challenging only at higher levels. That’s why Hailan Rising has no levels and no cookie cutter character builts. Players come up with personalized builts and, with time, they perfect them and get to master certain skills. Best gear comes from killing mobs and raid bosses. There is no option to buy this gear from the Hailan Rising cash shop.

Players progress and build stronger Hailan Rising characters by taking part in PvE and PvP challenges. Etherea shards are items that drop from mobs or killed players. These items allow you to upgrade skills and abilities. To appeal to both PvP and PvE fans, there are 2 Hailan Rising zone types: neutral and contested. Neutral zones are normal PvE areas. Contested zones are Hailan Rising PvP areas. Each contested zone is a battleground with different rules. Some are designed for open world PvP and some for massive events. The Crater is a zone for guild battles. Some zones can be controlled by groups of Hailan Rising players. Hailan Rising is a MMORPG where social aspects count. Players can add other friendly players to a friends list. It’s a good idea to join a Hailan Rising guild to interact with more players.

By Rachel Rosen

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