Guild Wars 2 celebrates Queen’s Jubilee update on Aug 6

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 queens jubilee update august 6

Next week, Guild Wars 2 honors Queen Jenna's decade-long rule with some arena brawling and convenient new features.

The Guild Wars 2 Queen's Jubilee update goes live on August 6, activating hot air balloon rides to the festivities and gladiator matches held in front of the Queen herself.

Players can test their fighting prowess in the Queen’s Gauntlet, attempting to defeat in single combat increasingly difficult bosses. The higher the risk the higher the reward, so challengers who activate special gambit conditions and still manage to overcome their arena foes will earn more prestigious prizes.

Rewards earned during the two-week-long event include watchwork parts that can be used in new crafting recipes, or spent as currency in the Crown Pavilion to redeem valuabe items in the mmorpg like new rune and sigil recipes and the new Sovereign Weapon Set.

Completionists who finish the Queen’s Jubilee meta achievement will also earn a miniature Watchknight modeled after the Queen’s impressive new mechanical sentinels.

Fans can also look forward to convenient new features in this latest fortnightly release for the online rpg following the Cutthroat Politics update. For one, players will now have an account-wide currency wallet, allowing any character in one account to access currency earned by the others. The Solo Arena and Mini-Game Rotation features will also be rolled out, while dungeons will now deliver bonus daily rewards.

Catch the sneak peek for the Queen's Jubilee update during the official ArenaNet livestream on August 5 at around noon.


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