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guild wars charity
We love a good gaming fundraiser here at mmo-play. The fact that mmo games connect so many people around the world is a powerful thing, so it's extra sweet to see that power used for good to make that world a better place. In the Virtual World, the Lion's Arch of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, but every year the Pink Day gathering harnesses this location to raise money for Canadian Cancer Research. "Pink Day in LA was first hatched by a small grou...
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Sep 08 2015
Guild Wars tenth anniversary
It's hard to believe, but it's been a full ten years since the original Guild Wars online rpg launched. The release of the game was extremely innovative as nobody expected the model of buy-to-play with no subscription to be workable. Not only did Guild Wars survive, but it thrived, leading to quite a few expansions and the eventual release of Guild Wars 2. Now the team at ArenaNet is taking a look back down history lane as they celebrate the Guil...
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Apr 28 2015
guild wars lotro mmo hall of fame 2014
It's that time of the year again when gaming industry bigwigs vote on which games deserve to enter the prestigious MMO Hall of Fame. This year, 10 people from within the gaming industry ranging from creators to CEOs to columnists cast their votes among the nominated games. After all the votes have been cast, 5 new mmo games garnered the minimum 60% of votes to qualify. The MMO Hall of Fame 2014 inductees are (in order of highest votes): - Guil...
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Feb 11 2014
guild wars 2 queens jubilee update august 6
Next week, Guild Wars 2 honors Queen Jenna's decade-long rule with some arena brawling and convenient new features. The Guild Wars 2 Queen's Jubilee update goes live on August 6, activating hot air balloon rides to the festivities and gladiator matches held in front of the Queen herself. Players can test their fighting prowess in the Queen’s Gauntlet, attempting to defeat in single combat increasingly difficult bosses. The higher the risk the h...
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Jul 31 2013
guild wars wintersday
The Wintersday festivities have begun in Guild Wars and will last until July 31. ArenaNet has revealed its plans for the week-long event, including holiday PvP in Snowball Arena. Anyone in the mmorpg can talk to the Wintersday Priest in Ascalon City, Droknar's Forge, the Great Temple of Balthazar, Kamadan or Lion's Arch to enter the Arena and attempt to earn Candy Cane Shards. Shards will be handed out for participating in the Guild Wars Winte...
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Jul 26 2013
guild wars 2 expansion confirmed
As Guild Wars 2 package sales mellow, NCsoft has revealed that it is churning out an expansion for the hit mmo. Guild Wars 2 sales dipped by more than two-thirds to KRW36 trillion in the first quarter of 2013 from KRW119 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2012. As a result, net income dipped 49% from the previous quarter, according to the company's latest quarterly financial results. But there were a lot of silver linings that should keep invest...
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May 13 2013