Watch the Guild Wars 2 Twilight Assault trailer

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 twilight assault trailer

ArenaNet has released the trailer for the Twilight Assault update, and it points to more Scarlet Briar shenanigans.

Scarlet has figured prominently in recent Guild Wars 2 releases, and if the Twilight Assault trailer is any indication, she will again add a dash of deranged Sylvari into the rpg's living story plot.

At end of the trailer, Scarlet can be heard laughing hysterically -- an ill omen that she has likely concocted another crazy plot. It's anyone's guess what acts against humanity she plans to commit this time around, but it'll hard to top her past transgressions, including trying to assassinate Queen Jenah in August's Queen's Jubilee update.

In the preview we also see glimpses of the Caledon Forest, where a malevolent force is said to be taking root. We also catch sight of possible new mobs for the Twilight Arbor dungeon, which is up for a revamp similar to the one done for Tequatl. With two updates in a row containing dungeon upgrades, it's fair to say that ArenaNet is serious is sprucing up many of the tired, old adventurer haunts.

The Twilight Assault update is scheduled to hit the MMORPG on October 1, but previews will be released at the official Guild Wars 2 website starting tomorrow, September 24.


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