Tower of Nightmares rises in Guild Wars 2

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 tower of nightmares

The Tower of Nightmares emerges in Viathan Lake, threatening to spread gloom and doom this stretch of Halloween.

The krait and the Nightmare Court have formed a devious pact -- the so-called Toxic Alliance -- and have erected a massive tower from which they can hatch and launch their sinister plans, including one to spew poison into the sky and choke all life beneath it.

As a Guild Wars 2 hero, you can enter the zone by speaking to Marjory in Kessex Hills. This will activate a story instance for all players regardless of your current character's level in the no subscription MMORPG.

Finishing the Tower of Nightmares meta-achievement will earn you a personal Krait Obelisk Shard, which grants you a skill and charges Quartz Crystals for you once per day via the home instance.

You can earn other cool items and achievements from completing Tower of Nightmares tasks. This includes the Antitoxin Spray, a new universal heal skill for the online rpg that can be used to bandage you and your allies, as well as remove toxic pollen, poison, torment and confusion -- basically a life-saving panacea for those debuff-heavy fights.

Tower of Nightmares update also regales fans with three new armor skin sets -- one each for heavy, medium and light armor wearers -- as well as Dreamthistle weapons that can be purchased via the Gem Store or redeemed via Tickets obtained via Black Lion Chests, respectively.


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