Guild Wars 2 scorches the screen with The Razing update

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 the razing update

In this searing new update for Guild Wars 2, a Molten Alliance threatens to overrun the Shiverpeaks while World vs. World receives sweeping upgrades.

The Razing update is third installment in the Flame and Frost arc, and it will deliver hot new conflict in Guild Wars 2 through the emergence of the murderous Molten Alliance. Describe as a hybrid army consisting of the dredge and the charr Flame Legion, the Molten Alliance seeks to singe all remaining resistance in the Shiverpeaks zone.

Players will be joined by the new NPCs in the fight against the Molten Alliance. The norn Braham and the charr Rox will have separate storyline missions. Players will help Braham defend his kinsmen who have chosen to stay instead of flee in the face of the hybrid horde, while you will join Rox in his dangerous mission issued by Rytlock Brimstone himself deep in the heart of the enemy invasion.

The Razing update also expands the World vs. World feature with a new progression system. Players will be able to earn World XP and World vs. World ranks. Gaining ranks unlocks special mmo titles and abilities. Guild Wars 2 achievements in World vs. World will also be easier to track through the improved panel design. Culling has also been removed completely from World vs. World, allowing players to see everyone on screen and avoid having to worry about invisible armies suddenly popping up and wiping them in one fell swoop.

Leaderboards also arrive in the free online rpg this patch. Developers said it could take at least a week before the leaderboards will show World vs. World, PvP and achievement point rankings, as the system gathers information to produce an accurate and stable snapshot of the competitive scene.


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