OP dragon has arrived in Guild Wars 2's Tequatl Rising update

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 tequatl rising release

Prepare for Tequatl's powered-up dragon form with nasty new tricks that could downright wipe foolish challengers.

If you thought the ancient dragon Tequatl was already annoying and dangerous when you battle him in the Splintered Coast's Sparkfly Fen dungeon, then wait till you fight his more monstrous upgraded version. The Tequatl Rising update buffs him up to an extra hardcore challenge, but also stashes the exquisite animated back item Wings of the Sunless as a reward for downing Tequatl 2.0.

If taking down an OP undead dragon isn't your thing, the Guild Wars 2 Tequatl Rising update has a lot more boosted bosses for you to vanquish.

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has decided to make all the dungeons in the MMO a bit more dangerous with bosses getting sweet skill upgrades and frightening fight mechanics -- imagine a more monstrous Megadestroyer or tougher Golem Mark II.

Whet your appetite for more difficult content in the Tequatl Rising trailer below:

Dungeon runners also finally get their hands on the “Looking for Group” tool which will allow for faster, easier and more frequent matching to duel those bosses.

The buy-the-box-then-play free rpg also gets a revamped World vs. World borderland map to fit in five new Ruins of Power, which are capture points that all three armies can fight over to earn Bloodlust boosts for their server.


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