First look at Guild Wars 2: Tequatl Rising

By Tam Mageean
guild wars 2 tequatl rising

"It has been gathering in the depths."

"It is faster, stronger, deadlier."

"It has returned to devour and destroy."

"It is called Tequatl the Sunless...and it has evolved" 

It sounds like something straight out of a Lovecraftian horror, but these were the words, ominously left on the Guild Wars 2 website, where NCSoft has now disclosed tantalizing information about their next update; Tequatl Rising. Tequatl was already an epic team-battle in Guild Wars 2, fully utilizing the first "M" in MMO, but the new solicit suggests even greater things to come. The new update not only buffs Tequatl, but also every other boss as well! All existing bosses will be more dangerous and more challenging than ever. Tequatl the Sunless will have a brand new arsenal of offensive and defensive tricks up its sleeve, and if you can summon the strength to defeat it, you may be awarded with some Sunless wings of your own...

Tequatl Rises Banner

World versus World will also be getting some new additions; a Flame Ram Mastery ability and five Ruins of Power in each WvW borderland map. The Ruins act as capture points that you and your clan can battle for and protect, in order to earn Bloodlust boosts, shared across the server.

One big addition to this update is the "looking for group" tool, which will seriously reduce time spent trying to form teams. Your group requirements and parameters can be customized to ensure you get exactly what you need before a quest. This will be a huge improvement for the MMORPG's matchmaking capabilities and will make taking down Tequatl the Sunless all the more enjoyable.

Tequatl Screenshot

Tequatl Rising for Guild Wars 2 is set for release on September 17th.  Also, look out for a developer live-stream with ArenaNet on September 20th.


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