Jump for Joy as the Super Adventure Festival Begins in Guild Wars 2

By Jeff Francis
Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival begins

It's time for mmo players to jump with joy. The Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival kicks off today. Players can once again partake of Moto's fabulous creation, the retro-themed Super Adventure Box. This game-within-a-game has proven to be one of the most popular activities ever released for Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival

The Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival allows players to enjoy the platform jumping action of the Super Adventure Box. This whimsical event pays homage to the 8-bit platform games of yesteryear, even down to the loading screens and music. Gamers will once again strive to save Princess Miya by fighting against wizards, assassins, killer bees, mischievous monkeys, and giant frogs. There are three difficulty levels that players can choose: infantile, normal, and the insanely hard tribulation mode.

There are new rewards for this year's return of the Super Adventure Box, such as the new Crimson Assassin weapon skins. There are also new guild hall decorations, including the Super Campfire, Super Flower, Super Forest House, Super Mushroom, and Super Pine Tree. The online rpg is also selling the Super Cloud Glider in the Black Lion Trading Company. The Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival starts today and ends on April 20th.


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