Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box update goes live

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 super adventure box live

Save Princess Miya and obtain holographic weapons in the newly activated Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box update.

This latest Guild Wars 2 patch takes fans into a virtual game within the mmorpg, where Lord Vanquish has kidnapped Princess Miya deep into his fortress in World 2.

World 2 is the continuation to the World 1 area introduced in last April's first Super Adventure Box update. This time around, World 2 offers tougher monsters and more grueling puzzle obstacles -- from climbing mountains while avoiding projectiles to co-op puzzles that scale in difficulty with more players.

If those trials prove to be a walk in the park, certified hardcore RPG platformers can turn up the difficulty to Tribulation Mode where almost the slightest mistake can result in quick death.

Super Adventure Box virgins can work their way back to World 1 then take on World 2 to fulfill both meta-achievements and get full rewards, including the bodacious King Toad backpack.

But the previous weapon skins made available back in April seem to have been discontinued, replaced with new skins that can be purchased with 50 bauble bubbles each. This reward currency can be obtained after completing Super Adventure Box zones. Tribulation mode masters can even score components for gasp-inducing holographic weapons.


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