Guild Wars 2 has sold 2 million units and counting

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 sales 2 million

Just two weeks after its launch, Guild Wars 2 has sold 2 million boxes worldwide.

In a release, ArenaNet said the milestone came shortly after it re-opened sales on its officially hosted purchase site – The Guild Wars 2 developer had to close down its direct sales efforts for a while to let “preserve the game experience” and let server capacity catch up to the fast-growing player population.

Peak concurrency for the subscription free online rpg regularly exceeds 400,000 players across its current 21 server worlds in North America and 27 server worlds in Europe. Players from other regions get assigned to either a North America or Europe server world based on their copy of the game.

Fan enthusiasm for Guild Wars 2, a sequel to the critically acclaimed online rpg Guild Wars, has been particularly high in the European continent. ArenaNet said first week sales of the game placed the MMORPG at the top of All Formats sales charts across ten European territories – UK, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweeden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Stateside, the numbers are not so clear, maybe because retail data is still trickling in or ArenaNet is waiting for a certain number to hit before sending out a back-patting release. In any case, congratulations are still in order for the developers and for the fans who helped make one of the biggest hyped launches in 2012 translate into a financial home run.


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