Guild Wars 2 to roll out $10,000 cash prize tournament

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 qualifying international cash prize tournaments

Guild Wars 2 Invitational Tournament will hand out $10,000 in cash prizes to victorious PvP teams.

PvP teams can join the Invitational Tournament directly or ensure their ranked placement by going through Guild Wars 2 Qualifying Tournaments in the coming weeks.

Developer ArenaNet will partner with Mist League for its Regional Qualifying Tournaments, which are scheduled to start next week in Europe (July 27-27) and then the week after in North America (August 3-4).

Top-ranked Guild Wars 2 teams in both European and North American qualifying tournaments will be given spots in the grand Invitational Tournament during PAX Prime Weekend to be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle, Washington on August 31. Qualifying teams will also receive free airfare, hotel accommodations, free passes to PAX Prime 2013 and a guided tour of the ArenaNet studio.

During the Invitational Tournament, teams will then battle it out until a champion emerges to claim the $7,500 cash prize. The second-place team will receive a consolation prize of $2,500. Five-man PvP teams can register here to vie for the cash prize and title of international champion of one of the world's most popular online rpg games.

Pressure will be quite high as teams in both Qualifying and Invitational tournaments will compete under a best-out-of-five elimination system. Teams planning to join should start practicing their tactics across the three PvP maps in the MMO: Forest of Niflhel, Legacy of the Foefire and Battle of Kyhlo.


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