Guild Wars 2 bares plans for second half of 2013

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 plans second half 2013

Guild Wars 2 players can expect bi-monthly releases, brand-new skills and traits and an expanded crafting system.

The planned bi-monthly release schedule should go off smoothly, said ArenaNet, since three additional teams have been created to develop and polish content for each of the two-week release themes.

Developers will also focus on "improving our existing world bosses, continuing to update and refine our dungeons and fractals, creating world events with a larger and more permanent impact, and expanding the number of dynamic events across the world," said game director Colin Johanson in the Guild Wars 2 content preview for second half 2013.

Players will be able to learn new traits and skills, and accordingly, there will be expanded content and options to earn skill points. Johanson reassured that the new skills and traits will be balanced to encourage all professions and unique builds in the online rpg.

"Both WvW and PvE players can acquire skills and traits, and additional means of earning skill points will be addressed for both core content areas," said Johanson.

Champion rewards will also become a consistent source of delight for mmo fans, since each will soon drop a guaranteed reward box for any player that qualifies for a reward from the boss.

"This chest will contain things like crafting materials, skill points, unique skins, lodestones, and more. This change will make champions more rewarding," said Johanson.

Dungeon complete bonus and crafting material rewards should also sweeten the respective PvE and crafting activities, encouraging players to participate daily.

New legendary weapons, a new crafting material tier, expanded crafting level cap to 500, and the conversion of magic find from an item stat into an account stat are all designed to make the second half of the year a season Guild Wars 2 players would not want to miss.


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