Guild Wars 2 uncovers the "Origins of Madness" on January 21

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 origins of madness

Twin threats descend upon Tyria, and are the opening salvos to Scarlet Briar's final game plan in Guild Wars 2.

Scarlet has been a thorn on the side of Guild Wars 2 adventurers, to say the least, but she's ramping up her carnage even more in the new Origins of Madness content update. The patch goes live on the MMORPG next week on January 21.

The Origins of Madness teaser video shows the gigantic robotic marionette and colossal jungle wurm that Scarlet has unleashed to cause panic and destruction.

Controlled by a floating disk in the sky, we see that the Twisted Marionette is chillingly effective as a weapon of mass destruction. Her stilettos alone can crush a few heroes to their deaths, so we're sure even the mountains of Lornar's Pass will tremble when she unloads her full arsenal.

Meanwhile in the Bloodtide Coast zone, the hydra-like Great Jungle Wurm has arisen. No one knows why this ancient creature has woken from its slumber, only that it is determined to crush everything that tries to control it.

As you race to neutralize both these rampaging creatures in the online rpg, you will also start to piece together the real reason why Scarlet is so hell-bent on bringing Tyria to ruin -- and possibly stop her once and for all.


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