The Nightmare has Begun in Guild Wars 2

By Tam Mageean
guild wars 2 nightmare

Following a string of incredible events in the tumultuous MMORPG, from taking down a resurrected Tequatl, to tackling the Mad King's son over Halloween, Guild Wars 2 has now launched its latest dark menace, in The Nightmares Within.

Tyria is once again at unrest as a darkness spreads through the Kessex Hills. As suspicion arose of goings-on in the Tower of Nightmares, heroes gathered, and now; the mysterious tower has revealed an entrance, inviting them in.

Challengers entering the Tower of Nightmares must be wary, as the air is dense with a toxic fog that will trick those with inner demons, and bring forth mischievous hallucinations, forcing you to take on the nightmares of your past. Can you overcome the Nightmare Chambers, and defeat the Toxic Alliance before the Kessex Hills are lost?

Guild Wars 2 Tower of Nightmares

There are a a bunch of rewards, achievements and giveaways coming to Guild Wars 2, and running throughout the instance, earning participants toxic costumes and accessories. Also, daily achievements will be launched throughout the campaign, which will contribute towards a meta achievement and its rewards.

The Nightmares Within Patch also comes alongside some general gaming tweaks and improvements, including some big enhancements in the MMO's PvP arena. A new Custom Arena function allows you to set your parameters before battle and solo players will be shuffled before joining a fight to promote better matchmaking.

Some new items are in the store too, to help you on your way with new weapons, skins and gathering tools and upgrades available for purchase.

Now make haste, hero; the Tower must fall!


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