Guild Wars 2 launches Origins of Madness

By Tam Mageean
guild wars 2 madness

One of the biggest Guild Wars 2 announcements of 2013 was ArenaNet's pledge to take the virtual world of Tyria to a whole new level, and take it as close to the definition of "Living World" as possible.

"…we’re pushing the limits of what is possible in massive online games. We ship new content and features every two weeks, because our players deserve to experience a truly living, constantly evolving world."

The first installment for season one of the Living World project launched today, in the form of the maniacal "Origin of Madness" story update. This is part 1 of Season One, and commencess a 4-part, regularly updated story and adds 2 new bosses to the mmorpg realm.

Residents of Tyria will find themselves trapped between a giant, three-headed monstrosity, the fabled Great Jungle Wurm, on the Bloodtide Coast, and a terrifying, tin giant, known as The Twisted Marionette in the mountains of Lornar's Pass.

New items and rewards are available for those daring enough to brave the mountains or the coast; from new rifle skins, armor and amulets, to a unique mechanized Moa.

The traders have also dressed their shelves for the occasion, and have adorned their shops with special, Wurm-themed wares. Get Online and check it all out, before the living world changes again!

Guild Wars 2: Origin of Madness living story update is available from today.


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