Guild Wars 2 beta now playable on Mac OS X

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 mac beta

Mac fans, get ready to enjoy Guild Wars 2 on your native system – developer ArenaNet has taken the first big step to bringing the online rpg to the Mac platform.

The Mac beta version for Guild Wars 2 has just been launched, and will be available to anyone who purchases Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet said in a release. Players can now log in to their game account to access the beta version and help test it before official release.

“The Mac beta version of Guild Wars 2 is still being optimised and, unlike other betas, is connected to the live servers allowing everyone to play together on both Mac and Windows based computers. Users will be able to access the Mac beta client through the Guild Wars 2 account management website after activating their game code.

Guild Wars launched worldwide last August 28 exclusively on Windows, much to the disappointment of Mac fans, some of whom thought they would wait ages to get support for a system that has traditionally been less prioritized by gaming developers. And while it’s true that online rpg makers like ArenaNet try to be inclusive with their big titles, many MMO games still do not offer support for Mac.

To help deliver Mac support for Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet said it has teamed up with TransGaming “whose revolutionary Cider technology dynamically translates between operating environments.”

“This approach means that future updates to the game will also be available for Windows and Mac simultaneously,” added the developer.


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