Guild Wars 2 team discusses plans for Flame and Frost story arc

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 living story plans

See how the development team plans to move along the Living Story arc which forms the crux of the first quarter's Flame and Frost update.

Guild Wars 2 began 2013 with the Flame and Frost storyline arc that serves as a prelude for more enthralling storyline developments. If January and February served up teaser content, then the next following months should see major updates that will pick up the roll-out pace, said Living Story development team member Angel McCoy.

“We’ve increased the amount of content we’ll be delivering, starting at the end of March,” said McCoy.

McCoy said there will be a crew of new characters entering the Guild Wars 2 world for the specific purpose of advancing the Living Story, and avoid storytelling conflicts with the Personal Story. Players will get to meet the first two characters “soon.”

Players should also get used to the rpg habit of talking to non-player characters to move along their Living Story progress. McCoy said that talking to people roaming about in the vast world will reveal hints on what to do and where to go next.

And what would mmorpg games be without those grand villains? McCoy said players will stumble upon some nasty villains, and one of these will even emerge as your character’s personal nemesis. The only clue McCoy gives is that players “will recognize this sassy character when you see… um, him/her/it.”

Can you guess this mysterious nemesis? Discuss and speculate in our newly launched forums.


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