Guild Wars 2 previews four astonishing Legendary Weapons

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 legendary weapons video

Drool over the beautiful art design and over-the-top animation effects of these Guild Wars 2 legendary weapons.

Legendary weapons represent the best, rarest and hardest to get weapons in Guild Wars 2, but the heroic effort needed to obtain them just might be worth it. Based on this video, each legendary weapon looks awesome enough to turn heads no matter where you go in the online rpg. They’re that attention-grabbing.

We see in turn order: A luminous scepter that seems to emit rainbow reflections, an ice-glowing shield with a page-turning animation, a golden engraved hammer that produces water ripples with each swing, and an ominous greatsword which grows even more sinister at night.

ArenaNet said legendary weapons are “designed to stand out and show everyone that you are a true master of Guild Wars 2.”

Only the most dedicated can hope to obtain these tremendous arms though, according to ArenaNet. Creating one legendary weapon requires untold hours of grinding in the MMORPG, from collecting base materials to running dungeons to fighting in World vs. World to farming an insane amount of Karma.

This combination of beauty and hardcore rarity are what will make legendary weapons some of the most coveted items in the newly launched rpg, and deservingly so.


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