Guild Wars 2 Introducing Legendary Armor with Flashpoint Update

By Jeff Francis
Guild Wars 2 legendary armor announced

For most mmo players, the armor that their character wears is very near and dear to their hearts. The best armor not only provides great stats but also looks damn cool as well. Many gamers spend countless hours running endgame raids and dungeons to get the most awesome looking sets of armor possible. The upcoming Guild Wars 2 Flashpoint update is set to scratch that cool armor itch. In a new blog post, ArenaNet goes into detail of the new Guild Wars 2 legendary armor sets that players can look forward to.

In the post, the developers discuss the long and arduous process of bringing Guild Wars 2 legendary armor to the game. One of the original requirements for the armor was that it would animate, which meant making quite a few engineering changes to the game's engine. Another problem area was to ensure that it did not clip with itself, which has been minimized to a big degree. As for the appearance of the GW2 legendary armor, the silhouette of each armor set is unique, which are discussed in the following descriptions.

Guild Wars 2 legendary armor

Heavy Armor: The heavy armor conveys images of chivalrous knights—plated ‘iron soldiers’ of war. With a flash, and the flare of winged magic, the armor transforms and is imbued with mystical energy. Since the heavy armor was our first implementation of this new armor tech, the challenge quickly grew beyond making a good-looking armor; we had to figure out how to convey a sense of awe that grows with the armor through its transformation while navigating through the confines of new technical limitations compounded on top of the already existing ones.

Medium Armor: Medium armor is crafted from a collection of the finest bones of legendary foes. These special bones hold magical powers that are channeled throughout the armor, culminating in a surge of mystical energy. When the transformation is complete, excess energy is expelled from the wyvern skulls.

Light Armor: The light armor is based on the mystical energy of crystals. It’s surrounded by crystal energy, and holds magical power within. When entering combat, the crystal energy is released to transform the armor into its combat form. The energy is distributed among crystal spikes, manifesting as an electrical aura. The armor transformation was a huge challenge, but the result is quite satisfying.

The mmorpg developers also state that the Guild Wars 2 legendary armor will have stats that players can select, just as they can do with legendary weapons. Runes are also covered as when a player places a new rune into the armor, the existing rune will be placed into the player's inventory. The new armor sets can be worn as individual pieces, so one can mix and match to their heart's content.

Legendary armor will become available when the Guild Wars 2 Flashpoint update launches on May 2nd.


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