Guild Wars 2 makes "Last Stand at Southsun"

By Michael Jamias
guild wars 2 last stand southsun update

Guild Wars 2 escalates into final confrontation between players and Southsun's resident sylvari renegades starting May 28.

The fantasy mmo is looking to close the Southsun arc with the thrilling "Last Stand at Southsun" update, which promises a wild and possible bloodbath-style conclusion as the desperate sylvari gang Canach do everything possible to get their way.

A solo mission will lead players to hunt down the remaining bandits who have gone underground. Successfully completing this will unlock a new group adventure.

Dynamic events are also slated to take the Guild Wars 2 servers by storm. Players must protect the innocent and peaceful new settlers in SouthSun Cove from what developers hype as a "massive final onslaught of rampaging wildlife." June 5 will unleash the biggest threat which will require players to band together to prevail.

The update also rolls out faster leveling and more rewards in World vs. World. Fans will benefit from improved World vs. World XP, which should entice players to consider it as a viable leveling and grinding nook. There will also be new WvW daily achievements and free bonus chests for hitting higher World ranks.

Infusions also now provide characters with World vs. World bonuses. And probably the icing on the improvement cake: World vs. World matches will get more variety as developers roll out changes that will allow fighters to face new opponents in fresh matchups, perfect for those who long for a new elite challenge in the buy-to-play, no-subscription online rpg.


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