Old ghosts come back to haunt Guild Wars 2

By Tam Mageean
guild wars 2 halloween

Warriors of Guild Wars 2 are familiar with Halloween shenanigans, but this year; some old holiday haunts are receiving an update of their own. For the past few years, the MMO has witnessed the Mad King Thorn, rising from Lion's Arch and Kamadan; presenting special, limited quests and exclusive Halloween items for participants.

This year, the Plot thickens. Guild Wars 2 will be receiving some more tricks and treats in an October Halloween content update. The Mad King Thorn has handed over the family business, and for the first time his son, Bloody Prince Edrick Thorn will be taking watch.

Guild Wars Bloody Prince

The Bloody Prince has unleashed his undead armies into the Mad Kings Labyrinth, while the king himself is away, once again, on candy corn duty.

In addition to the Prince's appearance, the Blood and Madness update will feature a bunch of creepy and menacing additions to welcome you into the fall. Instead of the usual "trick or treat" bag format of older events; brave travelers, this year, can knock on the mysterious Mad Realm doors that have appeared all over Kryta.

If you're feeling nimble, attempt some Tyrian parkour, and scale the Mad King's clock tower in a timed mini-game or, lastly, try your hand at some PvP survival in "Lunatic Inquisition". Lunatic Inquisition will place you in the role of Villager or Lunatic Courtier as you simply try to make it through the night.

Guild Wars Halloween King

The Guild Wars 2 Halloween Content update will also come with some balance changes to the MMORPG's professions and some minor bug fixes. The update is already on its broomstick, and will be with you on October 15th.


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